Children’s Birthdays

Children’s Birthdays Hummer Limo Hire in Melbourne

Children’s birthdays are always full of fun, energy, smiles and laughter. Seeing their faces when they’re surprised is one of the most beautiful things we can see. At Triple Hummer Limos, we are fortunate enough to see these reactions all the time. As soon as a child or teenager enters our spacious Stretch Hummer limo, their face automatically lights up with glee. The sense of independence and the thrill of riding with all their friends is an experience that they will never forget.

Our Stretch Hummer limo hire for children’s birthdays in Melbourne is a fun, safe and creative way to help your child have an unforgettable birthday. Not only will we provide transport to and/or from the party location, but we also provide chilled water and lollies for the ride too. Our spacious Hummer limos are available in the option to sit up to 24 children/teenagers.

What’s included with our Children’s Birthdays Hummer Limo Hire in Melbourne?

  • A safe and fun mode of transport for your children plus friends
  • Soft drinks, water and lollies provided during the journey
  • Comfortable, neat and clean Stretch Hummer limo
  • LED lighting to make it a real party
  • Fully-insured and qualified driver