Choosing the right vehicle for your Melbourne wedding can be very hard. There are more options than time available to go through them all.

So how do you decide? Easy! You look for comfort, exclusivity, size, style and reliability. At Triple Hummer Limos, we’ve ensured that all criteria are met.

1. Comfort

When planning your wedding the comfort of you, your guests and your bridal party is a priority. This also includes your mode of transport. At Triple Hummer Limos, we have a Roles Royce finish on the interior. Upon entering your Stretched Hummer Limo, you will be welcomed by a beautiful red carpet and an exquisite array of flowers. As you seat yourself down and admire the impeccable interior of your Stretched Hummer Limo, you will notice your private bar filled with champagne, nibbles, chocolates and other light refreshments.

2. Exclusivity

Although vintage cars are great, and we do have a lot of respect for them, almost every second wedding will use them. At Triple Hummer Limos, we can guarantee that you are riding in something completely exclusive to us. Our Black Stretched Hummer Limo is one of a kind. It is the largest Stretch Hummer in Melbourne and Australia. When your guests see you arrive, they will not forget what they saw you in.

3. Size

More often than not, bigger is better. And it’s no exception here. At Triple Hummer Limos, our exclusive Black Stretched Hummer Limo can hold up to 24 people!! Although we have another option for 16 people, you can be certain that your wedding party will stay together with this larger option. The size also adds to the exterior aesthetics of the vehicle and is something truly remarkable.

4. Style

When arriving to your wedding in our black or white Stretched Hummer Limo, you won’t have to worry about style. Like every beautiful wedding car should have, we have made sure that your Stretched Hummer Limo has a beautifully placed ribbon. For your privacy and enhancing the sleek finish of the car, you will notice that the windows have a dark tint added on to them.

5. Reliability

With a private chauffer to take you around during the day/night you will never have to worry about arriving late or being forgotten about. Our chauffers have all undergone thorough training to ensure that they deliver you a ride that is memorable, comfortable and safe.

So there you have it. A vehicle that is comfortable, exclusive, large, stylish and reliable. At Triple Hummer Limos we are certain that your special day will be complete with this unparalleled mode of transport. For further questions or enquires, feel free to contact us on 1300 511 511 or via our website HERE.